Nonprofit Bulk Email, Newsletters, Campaigns by BluePogo Nonprofit Bulk Email, Newsletters, Campaigns by BluePogo
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Nonprofit Bulk Email, Newsletters, Campaigns by BluePogo

Bulk Email for Nonprofit Organizations

Welcome to, the first email blast tool designed specifically for nonprofit organizations. Our web-based system is clean and uncluttered, allowing you to send attractive newsletters or other email marketing campaigns with ease.

Why choose us to send your email?

We work exclusively with nonprofit and service organizations.
Our state of the art user interface helps keep things simple so you can concentrate on your mission instead of your mailer.
You can manage your mailing lists in Excel or any program that supports Excel format.
Don't pay for email blast reporting. As an added benefit BluePogo includes an advanced reporting service option for all email campaigns sent.

Newsletters, fundraising, membership...
Your email, your way!

Get Your Message Out

Our lowest pricing point allows you to send email blasts to 1000 unique email addresses. We found that the 1000 number is double that of what most of our competitors offer. And, at $10 dollars a month we're lighter on wallet then those other guys.

Less Counting, More Connecting

Everyoneís on a tight budget, and we know how tough it is to do a good job when the dreaded calculator comes out. Our lowest pricing point only costs $10 a month and can be as low as $8.50 if you pay for a year in advance. This allows you to send unlimited email blasts to 1000 unique email address monthly. Other packages are available for Nonprofit's that need more. See BluePogo Pricing for more details.

Exclusively for Nonprofit Organizations

Our email service was created for you. We donít let commercial entities sign up. Why? Because they have a tendency to get into trouble with SPAM lists (big surprise), and they drag everyone else down with them. No thanks Corporate America, weíll get along just fine on our own.

Great-Looking Email Templates

Our template designer will allow you to take a basic layout, add your logo, and customize the colors to suit your needs. You donít need any programming skills to get rolling (in fact, you donít need a template at all, if you donít want one). We wonít make you scroll through hundreds of unattractive examples looking for one that fits, either.

Track Email Reads and Clicks

Every email blast allows you to track the number of opens, deliveries, and unsubscribers. Desire more information? Use the advanced reporting tool to track whether or not the email blast recipient clicks on hyperlinks included in the mailing campaign.